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Is your wi-fi network secure?

How secure is your home wireless network? According to The Register, 2 out of every 5 home users don’t have a clue how to change the security settings on their home wireless network: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/16/wi_fi_security_puzzles_consumers/

The perils of leaving your wireless network unsecured and open to anyone are many, including this cautionary tale from the USA: Raid underscores Wi-Fi privacy risks

There are many tips for securing your wireless network, including:
– Your wireless router will usually require an administrator password to access and therefore change the security settings for your network. Make sure that you set an admin password if one is not set and, if one is set, change it from the default password.
– Turn on WPA2 or, if not possible then WPA, encryption.
– Change the default network name/SSID and, where possible, don’t broadcast the SSID at all. Broadcasting the default name (which is usually the router manufacturer’s name) provides information about your network that it is safer if people do not know (and if you have not changed your other default settings you are just making things easier).
– Enable MAC address filtering so that only the MAC addresses of your home devices are allowed access.
– Think about where you position your router to minimise where and how far the signal is broadcast.
– When you are not using your wireless network, simply turn it off.

There are many more wireless security tips and these are just some of the basics that should help you if you are setting up a new network. If you are setting up a wireless network and need some help, then just contact us and Firecrest Computing Services can help you.

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