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Computer repair in Stoke-on-Trent

I have been doing a lot of computer and laptop repair work, such as virus removal, for customers in Stoke-on-Trent over the past few months. Some of the work I have carried out for people includes:

  • Removing many different viruses, including fake Internet Security and the Metropolitan Police virus – and the many variants. These essentially take over your screen when it loads warning you that you have committed some form of crime and need to pay £100 (or similar) . If you get this, DO NOT PAY and contact me and I can come out and remove it within an hour.
  • Fixing laptops and computers that are continually rebooting (‘Blue Screen of Death’).
  • Diagnosing and fixing computer hardware problems such as faulty memory or hard drives. If your hard drive has problems, in many cases I can recover some or all of your data. Even if your computer or laptop needs a new hard drive and Windows needs to be reinstalled, your photographs and documents can usually be recovered from your old hard drive and copied to your new one.
  • Computer clean-up/’MOT’. A complete software ‘clean-up’ is just £40 and can make your desktop PC or laptop run much faster! If it is an older computer that is really struggling then I can install more memory for you which again can really improve the performance.
  • Setting up new equipment such as printers, scanners etc and new broadband/wireless connections.

And many more issues.

Have you got a virus? A laptop that will not boot? If you are having any problem with your laptop or desktop PC, then contact me and I can help from just £20.

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Web design Stoke-on-Trent - Firecrest Computing Services Logo