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Does your computer need an M.O.T?

Computers, like cars, need regular maintenance otherwise, like cars, you will start to encounter problems. However, cars are regularly serviced to check everything is running correctly, change the oil and filters etc. and cars over a certain age are required to have yearly M.O.Ts. The issue is that many people do not recognise that computers need fairly regular servicing to make sure that they are running correctly, they are suitably protected from viruses and malware, the hard drive is optimised and so on.

Over time if you use a computer regularly you will notice that it inevitably starts to boot up more slowly than before. You will also probably notice that your Internet browser takes longer to load when you click it, it might crash regularly, and the computer generally responds more slowly than it used to. This is because it has accumulated a lot of temporary files, junk programs, start-up programs, services, and many other issues. If you are noticing this with your computer then it might need what I call a computer ‘Service’ or ‘M.O.T’.

We offer a full service/M.O.T for your computer for just £45. For that we will give it a complete check over and clean up, including:

  • Removal of temporary files
  • Removal of unnecessary start-up programs, services, and unneeded loaded programs that are slowing down your computer
  • Complete virus and malware scan and removal
  • Removal of any ‘junkware‘ programs
  • Optimise the hard drive to make it perform better
  • Install all updates

And more, for just £45! This can really improve the responsiveness and speed of a slower computer. What is more, we will collect your computer/laptop from your own home, service it, and return it to you as soon as possible.

If you think your computer needs a service or M.O.T, just contact Firecrest now to arrange it and have your computer running better than ever before.

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