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Give your computer an M.O.T for the New Year!

If your laptop or desktop computer is feeling sluggish (like a lot of people after the Christmas holidays!), it will definitely benefit from an M.O.T. This can really improve the speed of your computer, make it more responsive, and less frustrating to use. An M.O.T includes:

  • Complete virus scan
  • Removal of unwanted programs, particularly junkware and programs slowing down the start-up of your computer
  • Hard drive optimisation
  • Applying all Windows updates
  • Checking hardware to see if any other improvements are required

All for just £45. I can collect your computer, perform the full M.O.T and bring it back to your address within a couple of days (sooner if possible) so you don’t even have to take it to a shop.

If you’d like your computer to be running much better for 2016, just contact me to arrange an M.O.T.

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