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Building Design Services website is now live

The development of the new website for the Building Design Services company is now finished and the site has just gone live. The site is for a freelance architectural technician based in Flintshire, and was developed to meet the client’s exact requirements through regular meetings and updates.

The site uses a combination of XHTML, CSS and Javascript, with JQuery for the design portfolio and ASP coding for other functions.

Obviously, this post is also announcing that the Firecrest Computing Services website now has a blog. This is where we will write about what work we are involved in and keep you updated with any news and offers. It will also be where we provide useful information such as links that we have found and technology news, and also some slightly less useful information (but hopefully no less interesting)┬árelated to what music we are listening to or what birds we have seen. Yes, the company is run by a keen birdwatcher (or birder) – hence the name Firecrest – and this area of interest may, occasionally, find itself onto this blog.

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Web design Stoke-on-Trent - Firecrest Computing Services Logo