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As well as Web design and Web development, I also design and build Web applications for clients with specific requirements that don’t fit the standard Web design packages that I provide.  These projects tend to be for clients who require ad-hoc software to meet a specific need, with more emphasis on databases, interactivity, and/or security. Some examples of applications that I worked on recently include:

  • An editable, interactive flow chart-based Web application. This application was for a client who needed to visually demonstrate the process of taking an initial research idea through to market. It allows users to click on the boxes to animate the chart, as well as drag and move the charts,  and for certain users to dynamically add processes to the chart. Web application Stoke-on-Trent - Flowchart application
  • A large database site using Drupal and CiviCRM for a non-profit making organisation to securely hold details of their members and to enable them to contact and keep track of payments. This site involved working with other developers on custom Drupal modules and to ensure appropriately high levels of security for data protection purposes.
  • A PHP/MySQL driven Web site for academics to upload, edit, and search articles that have been published on particular topics.

There are many other examples, and many others that I have yet to work on! Basically, whatever a customer requires I will build! The cost of training the customer to use the software is even built into the quote that I provide.

A custom-built application can be tailor-made to your business and can improve your work, help you to keep track of your data, and – importantly – help to increase your profits.

If you like the look of the examples above and need a Web application built for a particular requirement, then contact me and we can make your Web application a reality.

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